C2C in a day (Whitehaven to Sunderland)

Map of activity "C2C in a day (Whitehaven to Sunderland)"

  • Distance 211.76km
  • Moving time 10h 54m
  • Speed (avg) 19.4km/h
  • Elevation 3459.2m
  • Bike Belle
  • Elapsed time 14h 7m
  • Speed (max) 58.6km/h

I got talked into doing a Coast-to-Coast by my friend Arran at Beeston Road Club's Christmas Dinner. It came with a caveat - we were doing all 140 miles in a single day!

We stayed the night in St. Bees, before cycling up to Whitehaven to begin the 14 hour journey to Sunderland. The morning was lovely, although interrupted by a puncture. Passing over England's highest road, we began our descent to the East coast. Everything was going good, although perhaps a bit behind schedule. We hit Sunderland in the dark. Tired, we took a rather busy main road to the beach, before rather unwisely pulling off and attempting to navigate using trails and side streets. Eventually we made it to the coast, celebrating with a Chippy!

My most painful memory was placing by (brand new) bike down against a brick wall and scratching the frame. Needless to say, it's got many more since!